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Mark “Hawkeye” Louis is host of the longest running FM Morning Show in Dallas - Fort Worth. He is a member of the Country Radio Hall of Fame, the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year and the Academy of Country Music DJ of the Year. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michelle Rodriguez is born and raised in Dallas and a proud Aggie. She was voted one of D Magazines' top Radio Personalities for the Metroplex and has been at New Country 96.3 for 10+ years You too can be part of the show – Call us at 888 787 1963


The Relationship Report Card – Scoreboard

Monday mornings at 8:10 Hawkeye gives his wife Madelyn precious airtime to grade him on his role of husband. Past Grade below: January, 4 2021  Another A for Hawkeye?  Why this time? October 12, 2020   Find out why Hawkeye finally got an A+      

Thank You

10,000 For The Troops FINAL COUNT: 46,751 Cards

A giant THANK YOU to everybody who sent cards and letters for the troops for our 10,000 for the Troops.   Our Final Count: 46,751    Find out more about where these cards go and Support Our Soldiers here          


Last Can of Tab in America on eBay for $1000 . . . and guess who put it there

Recently, the Coca Cola Company announced that Tab, the diet soft drink popular in the 60’s and 70’s will be dropped from their product line. However, due to a aluminum can shortage, the small remaining supply of Tab all but dried up weeks ago. One can does remain, perhaps the last can in America. Who…

Brolumbus Day 2

Brolumbus Day is back!

Created last year by our own Hawkeye, BroLumbus Day, the international celebration of Goodwill and Brotherhood is back in 2020 with a special Virtual Celebration schedule for Friday. Check out the special BroLumbus Day celebration and order your BroLumbus Day swag (Proceeds Benefit Cook Children’s Hospital) ENJOY OR VIRTUAL BroLumbus Day CELEBRATION! Click Here To…

dorsey flashback

Discover Lost Terry Dorsey Audio

We recently found this lost audio of Terry Dorsey.  A DJ on a satellite radio station tried to pull a prank on us, but Terry turned the prank back on him:  The Infamous Beef Jerky Prank Here more classic Terry Dorsey Audio HERE       Good Morning to Terry Dorsey! When our legendary morning…

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Enjoy Classic Bits From Terry Dorsey and Hawkeye

Take the New Country 96.3 Wayback Machine and Enjoy Classic Bits From Terry Dorsey and Hawkeye, including The Deacon,  Grandpa Jack, The Temp, Coach Joe and Jerry and many others.  Discover our entire catalog of classic bits on the Hawkeye YouTube Channel The Deacon and Nativity Scene Problems   Hawkeye’s Grandpa Jack and the Chicken…

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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Writes Michelle Rodriguez from Prison

Yes,  the Tiger King’s Joe Exotic did write New Country 96.3’s Michelle Rodriguez from his current home in the Fort Worth prison. What did he say in his letter? That’s what Hawkeye and Katelyn were wondering when they invited Michelle to share her letter on the Hawkeye in the Morning show.   Here is Michelle…

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Are You Playing Call of Duty with Kane Brown?

You might be playing Call of Duty with Kane Brown and not even know it.  Kane was a guest on the Hawkeye in the Morning Show recently and confessed, he not only plays a lot of Call of Duty while in quarantine but he isn’t opposed to letting other gamers know who they are playing…

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Did Sam Hunt Purchase a Bidet?

Did Sam Hunt’s wife purchase a bidet?  Did he make his wife return it?  And what is a bidet anyway?  The Hawkeye in the Morning show broke this story recently.  Hear how surprised Sam when we ask him about his bidet.


More Country Songs Inspired by a Second Date Update Episode

Hats off to Jessica McVey and Fletcher Moudy,  they were inspired to write two more county songs (the first being “Trade Show Model”) after hearing these episodes of Second Date Update. Check out the videos for the episodes followed by the new songs. Second Date Update – Neil, Pamela and the Closer   Second Date…

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Check Out Our Banned Super Bowl Commercial

During a commercial break for a recent Super Bowl Broadcast, there was :30 seconds of a blank screen with frenzied control room audio. This was the most watched :30 seconds from that Super Bowl broadcast. The ‘Hawkeye in the Morning’ show from New Country 96.3 KSCS Dallas – Fort Worth produced a commercial for the…

Caught on Tape

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Jerry Jones Calls Sideline During the Game

We dug this classic radio bit out of our archives.  We caught Jerry Jones calling the sideline during the game back in the day of Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith and the lovable Coach Joe Avezzano. With new Head Coach Matt McCarthy now roaming the sideline,  we thought we would bring this out as…

BroLumbus Day

Happy BroLumbus Day!

What is BroLumbus Day?   BroLumbus Day celebrates International Brotherhood and Good Times. When is BroLumbus Day? BroLumbus Day is the Friday before Columbus Day. Who Invented BroLumbus Day? – BroLumbus Day was invented by Hawkeye, who wanted a companion holiday to Galentine’s Day, the girls night out on February 13th When was the first BroLumbus Day?…