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Mark “Hawkeye” Louis is host of the longest running FM Morning Show in Dallas - Fort Worth. He is a member of the Country Radio Hall of Fame, the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year and the Academy of Country Music DJ of the Year. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michelle Rodriguez is born and raised in Dallas and a proud Aggie. She was voted one of D Magazines' top Radio Personalities for the Metroplex and has been at New Country 96.3 for 10+ years You too can be part of the show – Call us at 888 787 1963


$40,000 Raised for Pet for a Vet! Check out your Puppy Names.

  The names have been chosen.  If the puppy is a female, it will be named Liberty (the alternate name is Hope) If the puppy is a male, it will be named Maverick (alternate name, Ranger)    Pet for a Vet is an effort of New Country 96.3 and the Hawkeye in the Morning Show…

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Check Out Our Banned Super Bowl Commercial

During a commercial break for a recent Super Bowl Broadcast, there was :30 seconds of a blank screen with frenzied control room audio. This was the most watched :30 seconds from that Super Bowl broadcast. The ‘Hawkeye in the Morning’ show from New Country 96.3 KSCS Dallas – Fort Worth produced a commercial for the…

Tom Brady Haters Club

The Tom Brady Haters Song

After Hawkeye shocked the world by admitting he was rooting for Tom Brady, the Scientist at the Hawkeye Laboratories created this song for all the Tom Brady Haters.     Our Banned Super Bowl Commercial During a commercial break for a recent Super Bowl Broadcast, there was :30 seconds of a blank screen with frenzied…


Hawkeye Vs Michelle – The Songwriting Contest With Dan+Shay as Judges.

Hawkeye and Michelle tried to replicate the songwriting and producing talents of Dan+Shay. Unfortunately, they may have written and produced two of the worst songs ever written. Thankfully, they were both only 15 seconds long.  Dan+Shay joined the show as celebrity judges to determine who had the best Mini-Song..  Who won the competition?


The Relationship Report Card – Scoreboard

Monday mornings at 8:10 Hawkeye gives his wife Madelyn precious airtime to grade him on his role of husband. Here are some of the most talked about episodes.  Past Grades below: January 18, 2021  Hawkeye thinks he’s getting a good grade for fixing the vacuum . . . perhaps not.   January, 4 2021  Another…

Thank You

10,000 For The Troops FINAL COUNT: 46,751 Cards

A giant THANK YOU to everybody who sent cards and letters for the troops for our 10,000 for the Troops.   Our Final Count: 46,751    Find out more about where these cards go and Support Our Soldiers here          


Last Can of Tab in America on eBay for $1000 . . . and guess who put it there

Recently, the Coca Cola Company announced that Tab, the diet soft drink popular in the 60’s and 70’s will be dropped from their product line. However, due to a aluminum can shortage, the small remaining supply of Tab all but dried up weeks ago. One can does remain, perhaps the last can in America. Who…

Brolumbus Day 2

Brolumbus Day is back!

Created last year by our own Hawkeye, BroLumbus Day, the international celebration of Goodwill and Brotherhood is back in 2020 with a special Virtual Celebration schedule for Friday. Check out the special BroLumbus Day celebration and order your BroLumbus Day swag (Proceeds Benefit Cook Children’s Hospital) ENJOY OR VIRTUAL BroLumbus Day CELEBRATION! Click Here To…