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Jordan Davis Says All He Needs is Faith, Family, Friends and Dirt

Jordan Davis Says All He Needs is Faith, Family, Friends and Dirt

Jordan Davis has released a new song, “Buy Dirt.”

Jordan says, “‘Buy Dirt’ is a song that came to me a couple of months into the pandemic. We couldn’t tour, music, everything was at a standstill. I came to the realization of man, all you need is your faith, your family and your friends. And music’s great and I love it and I’m happy I get to do it, but at the end of the day those are three things that I need to always keep at the top of my list, and ‘Buy Dirt’ is my kind of pledge to that.”

It’s the title track to his latest album, which also features his hit song “Almost Maybes” – and “Buy Dirt” includes a very special guest…Luke Bryan.

Jordan explains how Luke came to sing on the song, “We sat around the fire after a golf tournament one day, smoking cigars and talking about everything BUT music. That conversation always stuck with me. Luke isn’t just a great entertainer; he’s a great Dad, a great husband, and a great friend, too. That’s what ‘Buy Dirt’ embodies. When I wrote ‘Buy Dirt,’ I knew he could relate to the song’s message. I took a chance and asked him to join me on the recording, and he said ‘yes’.”

“Buy Dirt” is the name of Jordan’s new single, album…and upcoming tour which launches in Minneapolis, MN on September 9th.

Check out this performance of “Buy Dirt” from Jordan and Luke during a recent appearance on The Today Show.


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