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Justin Moore Connects With Not Having Much

Justin Moore Connects With Not Having Much

Country music can create such a universal connection that artists don’t always have to write the songs they sing – they just to have to find the ones that speak to them in a special way.

Justin Moore found that kind of connection when he heard his current single “We Didn’t Have Much.”

Justin shares that he loved the track from the get-go, “First and foremost, I loved the song and I really related to the song when I heard it.”

Listening to the lyrics he found his own story of growing up, “I don’t think it’s any secret, I grew up really rural, close to my family, small town. I mean, we did the cliché stuff, eatin’ dinner together, and I did it begrudgingly. But I had to explain to my parents how school was every day and all those things, all the stuff that I annoy my own children with now. And I thought that the song really expressed the beauty that is leading a more simple life. And so I’ve learned throughout my career that if I’m goin’ through somethin’ or if I relate to somethin’, it seems to be somethin’ that a lot of folks relate to.”

Justin is back out playing shows – and fans are loving this one live in concert…”We Didn’t Have Much.”

Photo Courtesy of Justin Moore

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