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Hawkeye Pranks Competing Radio Station (Our Apologies to Bob and Dan of Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket)

We are not sure what we are more amazed by, Hawkeye pulling off a multi-year prank on another radio station (Sportsradio 1310, The Ticket) or the fact that Bob and Dan produced and aired a documentary about the prank.

Over the past few years, Hawkeye as been booking himself as fake guests on Bob and Dan’s show. He even tried to get a fake play by play call past the BaD Radio boys. Bob and Dan’s producer Jake Kemp created the radio documentary “Hawkeye Owns BaD Radio” that lets us peek behind the curtain on this multi year ruse.


An In Depth Look:  How the prank began.  In 2013, Hawkeye booked himself as for MTV Sports icon Dan Cortese on BaD Radio’s Guest Booking League.


Then in 2015,  He followed it up by booking himself as Saturday Night Live’s Jack Handey of Deep Thoughts fame

Then in 2017, he enlisted Scotty Kay and Bret Mega of Hot 93.3 to make a Fake Homer Call

But his over the top Play by Play call was his undoing, and he used that as an opportunity to confess his past transgressions