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The Chris Young Cowboys Post Game Show

Chris Young returns for a 3rd season of the Chris Young Cowboys Post Game Show. Catch him every morning with Hawkeye & Michelle as he recaps the Dallas Cowboys game and covers the highlights of the night before. Listen to what you missed below.

Playoffs Week 1: It was a shocking 48 – 32 loss to Green Bay in the first round of the playoffs.  Chris was at the game Sunday and was as shocked as all Cowboys fans.  The final score didn’t reflect how bad of a game it was.  Listen to Chris Young give us his thoughts on a new coach and a new quarterback? Is that something that could be in the Cowboys future? Listen to our conversation.

Week 18: The Cowboys finished the regular season with a win over Washington and a 12 – 5 record.  Chris loved how the Cowboys steamrolled the Commanders in the second half and took the NFC East title. He didn’t mind Kicker Brandon Aubrey’s missed FG (doesn’t blame him for the blocked kick).  One missed kick is not a big deal. Listen to him look ahead at the Packers.

Week 17: Cowboys improved their record to 11 – 5 after their drama-filled victory over the Lions.  Chris wanted to emphasize, while the Cowboys are now in the lead in the NFC East, they need to beat Washington to win the division.  He wants as many home games in the playoffs as possible. He’ll join us again Monday morning at 8:50 and breakdown the Cowboys game against the Commanders.

Week 14: Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle after the Cowboys improved their record to 10 – 3 with their Sunday night blowout 33 to 13 of Philadelphia.  We should be HUGELY excited about this win over Philadelphia.  The defense played an amazing game.  The offense moved the ball at will.  There was never a point when the Cowboys fell into a lull.  And Head Coach Mike McCarthy deserves credit for getting the team ready after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. But there’s more work to be done playing Buffalo and Miami back to back.  How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!!

Week 13: The Cowboys have improved their record to 9-3 with their back and forth win over Seattle 41 – 35.  He’s staying even keel about the game.  He noted that the cornerbacks were picked on by DK Metcalf.  But it was a great team win.  And he’s not worried about winning or losing vs the Eagles on Sunday.  It’ll just be a good measuring stick for how the team looks going down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Week 12: Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle after the Cowboys improved their record to 8 – 3 with their blowout 45 to 10 Thanksgiving day win over Washington.  He revealed when he knew Dak’s girlfriend was pregnant.  He paid tribute to Dolly Parton’s halftime performance.  Then he praised CB DaRon Bland for setting a new single-season pick-6 record.  And he talked about how the Cowboys are doing exactly what they need to do heading into the Eagles game December 10th.  He also noted that he sees Philadelphia as a beatable team.

Week 11: The Cowboys have improved their record to 7 – 3 with their blowout 33 to 10 win over the Panthers in Charlotte, NC. Chris shared that he watched the game with Lainey Wilson, Riley Green, LoCash and other country stars in San Antonio where they were all performing.  He gave a huge shoutout to DaRon Bland for tying the NFL record with his 4th Pick Six.  He also revealed he knew that Jerry Jones was going to announce Jimmy Johnson into the Cowboys Ring of Honor beforehand but wouldn’t reveal his source.  And he’ll actually be at the Cowboys game Dec 30th to see Jimmy Johnson’s induction in-person.

For Thanksgiving, he’ll celebrate his mom’s birthday and will be with his parents for the holiday.

Week 10: After the Cowboys blowout 49 to 17 win over the G-Men in Arlington we are all on a Cowboys high. This was a Fantastic win over a division opponent.  Dak, Cooks, Lamb and all the Cowboys played a full and incredible game. What does Chris suggest we as Cowboys fan continue to do? And how should the Cowboys tackle the rest of these upcoming games?  The Eagles on Dec 10th will be a big, statement game.

Week 9: Chris Young joined us after the Cowboys 28 to 23 loss in Philadelphia. He was both disappointed and encouraged.  He saw plenty of positives from Dak and the team, in general.  Seemed to be some bad calls that went against the Cowboys.  You can’t let the Dak get pressured and sacked during that crucial, final drive. And then he tries to help a very frustrated and heartbroken Michelle get over the loss.  But the bottom line is he’s unhappy about the loss but the Cowboys were right there with one of the best teams in the NFL.

Week 8: Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle after the Cowboys 43 to 20 blowout win over the Rams. He was in Arlington this weekend taking in both the Cowboys and the Rangers.  But Hawkeye and Michelle called out Chris for not being a big Rangers fan a few weeks ago but now he’s all about the Rangers now they’re in the World Series.  He laughed about it and said it came about because of friends of his. He admitted that he was wrong about Cowboy CB DaRon Bland.  After three Pick-6s, he’s way better than he thought he was.  And he got in a great workout during the game.  He did 25 push ups for every Cowboys score and ended up doing more than 200 push ups.

Week 7 – Bye Week.

Week 6: It was a Cowboys 20 to 17 win over the Chargers. Chris Young impressed that Dak stepped up and played mistake-free in a defensive game where our run game was stifled. What had him disagreeing with Coach McCarthy though? Maybe you’ll agree. Listen in and join us at Troubadour Fest in Celina this weekend for great country music and BBQ from Panther City BBQ and of course Chris Young.  He’ll be there this Saturday, Oct 21.

Week 5: Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle after the Cowboys 42 to 10 loss in San Francisco. Chris was clearly depressed.  He was so depressed that even Michelle’s best effort couldn’t cheer him up this morning.

Week 4: Chris Young was excited to join the show after the huge Cowboys win over the Patriots. How does he feel they’ll do against the 49er next week and what are his thoughts on the whole Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift craze?  Listen in to the latest episode of the Chris Young Dallas Cowboys Post Game Show.

Week 3: Chris Young had nothing to say after the Cowboys 28 to 16 loss to the Cardinals. There were really no positives to take away from this game. Too many penalties, lack of red zone efficiency, missing key players in the secondary and offensive line and even a few penalty calls that didn’t go our way. Even the defense wore down because they couldn’t get off the field.

At least we can look forward to seeing Zeke Elliott next week vs New England.

Week 2: When Chris Young had nothing but good things to say after the Cowboys 30 to 10 win over the Jets. It was a win epitomized by “Domination on Both Sides.” He’s encouraged but wants to see how good the team look after their fourth or fifth game. He also added that Dak Prescott was definitely wearing a suit in his postgame press conference that is perfect following a win.

Week 1: When Chris Young joined us last week we noted that his predictions about the team were spot on, almost like he was a Cowboys coach. He went on to note that the Giants had a lot of players out with injuries and the next 3 or 4 games will tell how good the Cowboys are.  But feeling the excitement over the how well the defense played is the real thing. Chris says the real test will be when the Cowboys are in a dog fight and the defense has their hands full, just how the offense plays and responds.  Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Chris Young joins Hawkeye and Michelle each week the day after the Cowboys play at 8:50 am.  And it’s all presented by Tom Thumb – DFW’s Grocer since 1948.