We are saddened by the unexpected passing of facility therapy dog Chanel. She was the matriarch of the Sit, Stay and Play! Program at Cook Children’s Medical Center.

“Chanel and her brother Ralph began the program in 2014, and she has supported countless numbers of patient’s, families and staff since that time. It is unusual to meet a person who is living exactly the life they were meant to live, but Chanel was a dog who was lucky enough to do just that.

There was not a morning that she was not excited to put on her green vest and jump in the car. Her tail wag was strong when she knew it was time to go ‘see her friends’ In Chanel’s career she worked in the Neurology Clinic, the inpatient Oncology/Hematology floor, with Pain Team and the Trauma & Surgery Recovery unit and loved these patients and every other child she met. Her reach was deep and wide so she will be missed by people in every corner of the medical center and the community. Her servant’s heart was true.”

So if you’d like to donate in memory of Chanel and help support the Sit, Stay and Play! Program and all the other amazing services at Cook Children’s just Text COOK to 51555. Thank You!