Michelle’s Little Miracles

The Sam Pack Family of Dealerships and New Country 96.3 understand that helping our community is our top core value. If you know someone who is in need of an item or service that could make a huge impact in their life, nominate them here: Michelle’s Little Miracles

We’ve started granting Little Miracles. Check some of the Little Miracles we’ve been able to grant thanks to our friends at Sam Pack Family of Dealerships

Milana was just diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer. Her mom along with other people who know her nominated her for Michelle’s Little Miracles and let us know her situation. She’s a mom of a 2-year-old and has a wedding coming up in October. She wanted a wig made of real hair as she goes through her chemo treatments. We were able to surprise her with that news, she will soon get fitted for that wig worth thousands of dollars.

Kimberely contacted us about her fiancĂ© Raylin just learned to walk on his own after an accident. He had multiple neck, leg and back injuries and had to do rehab on his own at home because of the lack of insurance. Kimberely works 2 full time jobs to be able to provide for both of them. With his disability, their bed isn’t big enough and one had to sleep on out couch, they just needed a bigger bed and we were able to grant that miracle.

Debrah nominated Kasey was born with childhood glaucoma and cataracts. During his childhood he suffered retina detachment, later cornea transplant. He’s undergone over 40 surgeries and considered legally blind. These glasses he’s asking for would allow him to actually drive and read something as simple food menus on his own without help.

Norma contacted us to let us know about her friend Carlene who’s home was burned down and she has experienced significant loss this year. Listen to her story and how Sam Pack Family of Dealerships have offered to help out.

We were contacted by Megan’s sister, Ashely – regarding her nephew who has been going through some serious medical issues. We wanted to help this family, listen to their story below.

Shena contacted us about her brother and mom. Her brother, Robert has mobility issues and the lack of a ramp and decent wheelchair has had him confined to his house. We wanted to surprise them with this gift from our friends at Sam Pack. Listen below