Maddie & Tae Go Double Platinum With Their Broken Heart

Congrats to Maddie & Tae as they were recently presented with plaques commemorating the certification of their number-1 song “Die Of A Broken Heart” as a 2 times Platinum single!

Maddie says, “The reaction to ‘Die From A Broken Heart’ was completely unexpected. We didn’t even realize that song was gonna have the life that it is having. It excites me. I can’t even tell you how much it excites me to hear our fans relate to this because it’s so our story and so real and true of what we’ve been through.”

She also shares the kind of feedback they get from fans, “There was a mom that said, ‘My daughter’s going through her first heartbreak, and he wasn’t good for her anyways. She doesn’t realize that now, but that song is getting her through it.’ And that just gives us so much purpose and just like keeps us going just knowing that we’re doing something for people.”

Maddie adds, that the biggest thrill, is when they are playing “Die From A Broken Heart” at a show, “The crowd sings ‘Die From A Broken Heart’ so loud to where we can’t even hear ourselves sing…and I’m like ‘Thank you God, this is so cool’.”

Photo credit: Nolan Feldpausch