How Much Have You Spent On Amazon?

Have you ever wondered how much money you’ve spent on Amazon? You can actually find that out with a feature they have in your Account Settings.

If you go to your Account on the top right, click there and under “Ordering and Shopping Preferences“, click “Download Order Reports“. You can select the earliest year listed to give you the full scope of how much you’ve spent.

Once you download that report. You can open it in Microsoft Excel, the Numbers program in Mac, orĀ go to, and click on “Blank.”.

Once you have a blank spreadsheet, click on File, then Open, and then Upload. Now you can upload your CSV file, which when opened will show you every transaction you’ve made on Amazon.

Now go to the column under “Total Charged” and highlight the entire amounts using the shift button, scroll to the bottom (keep scrolling, keep scrolling).Once you’ve highlighted the Total Charged column, that will give you the total sum at the bottom of your sheet. How much have you spent?