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Fort Worth Monolith Mystery Solved – Hawkeye and Michelle Confess: “We put the Monolith there”

(#Breaking)  This morning on the New Country 96.3’s Hawkeye in the Morning Show, Hawkeye and Michelle confessed to putting the monolith along Fort Worth Trinity Trails on Beach Street off of I-30.

Hawkeye and Michelle enlisted the help of kids of Millsap High School and their instructor John Black to build the monolith.  Saturday, morning, They all met Hawkeye and Michelle in Fort Worth and placed it along the river banks. Almost immediately, the 8 foot tall structure started popping up on social media.  Speculation the the structure was from outer space was put to rest when Hawkeye and Michelle admitted this morning that they were behind the monolith mystery.

Exclusive Fort Worth Star Telegram Interview – The Confession- Read the Story Here


Our On Air Confession:

Why were the Police called?


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