Tenille Arts Still Has Her Favorite Christmas Gift from Her Childhood

Sometimes a Christmas gift can be more than just a trendy toy that a kid will play with for a while, and then stick in the bottom of a toy box.

For Tenille Arts, a gift she received when she was a teenager helped set her life down the path it’s on today.

“My favorite childhood Christmas memory, was when I was 13 and I got my very first guitar on Christmas day.”

Tenille shares, “I remember asking my parents…just begging them to get me a guitar. So, we went and played a few, and I kind of picked out a couple that I liked, and my parents surprised me on Christmas day with one of the most beautiful guitars that I’ve ever had”

Where is that special Christmas gift now? Tenille says “I still have it to this day.”

Using her guitar, and her voice, Tenille is not only climbing the charts with her song “Somebody Like That”, but she also presented fans with a little special Christmas gift for 2020 by releasing her holiday song “A Winter Wonderland” which you can listen to right here…

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb