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Tenille Arts Uses True Love To Inspire “Somebody Like That”

Tenille Arts’ song “Somebody Like That” lists all the things that can go wrong with love, but then pivots to the promise of uncompromising love.

As she sings in the song, “the real thing won’t be easy, it may take a while.”

But, with using her parents as an example of lasting love, Tenille thinks while it’s possible, it’s still hard to love somebody like that, “It’s very hard to love without limits, because I think if you are hurt in the past by certain things, you immediately put up a wall or…for me in a new relationship it always takes me a minute to be like ‘Why do I feel that way? Oh yeah, it’s because this happened in the past.’ and I think that does put up kind of barriers in everybody,” Tenille adds a ray of hope though, “Hopefully you find somebody who can just knock all of those barriers down.”

Check out the music video for Tenille Arts’ “Somebody Like That” right here…

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb