Raelynn Has Something a Little Naughty and a Little Nice Going On This Christmas With Two New Songs

Raelynn is giving her fans some sugar and spice and everything nice this holiday season with two new songs on her Merry Christmas EP. Raelynn recently released a brand new track that she co-wrote called “Jingle Bell Drunk,” and her version of the classic “Silent Night.” Yes, those two songs couldn’t be anymore different, but that was Raelynn’s intention!

She explains…
“I really wanted to play on the naughty and nice side of me. If you listen to Baytown, my EP, you go from ‘Fake Town Girl’ to ‘Me About Me’ to ‘Judgin’ To Jesus’ and ‘Bra Off’…I just love, kind of really showcasing both sides of my voice. So, I definitely didn’t want to just leave with ‘Jingle Bell Drunk’, I wanted to have a classic on there that meant the world to me and ‘Silent Night’ is that.”

Raelynn added on social media…
“It’s 2020 and we could all use some holiday cheer, am I right? ✨ You know I couldn’t let this Christmas go by without releasing some holiday songs, so I’m giving ya TWO! One’s a little naughty, one’s a little nice, just like me! 😉

Check out the naughty side of Raelynn’s Merry Christmas EP right here with “Jingle Bell Drunk”…

photo courtesy of Round Here Records