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Jennifer Nettles Shares Her Embarrassing Encounter With Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen on the “Today” Show

Reba did it on Monday (Feb. 6), Keith Urban did it on Tuesday (Feb. 7) and Jennifer Nettles did it today (Feb. 9). And by “it,” we mean play a game of country confessions while co-hosting the third hour of the Today show

Jennifer joined hosts Al Roker and Shenielle Jones as they once again pulled out their question-filled cowboy boot. Jennifer reached into the boot and snagged a few questions to answer, including who is your most embarrassing celebrity encounter?

The “Unlove You” singer explained, “You know what, I am awful at this anyway because I get very nervous and I fan-girl and I try not to make myself feel foolish, but often times no matter what, I do. So I try not to talk a lot when I get around people I really, really admire.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many. For example, I just did the Rainforest benefit that Sting does at Carnegie Hall. And Bruce Springsteen was there, who I had the honor of honoring at Kennedy Center honors a few years ago, and, of course, I was like ‘Hey Bruce, yeah, I honored you at Kennedy Center Honors, bye,’ because what do you say, he meets so many people.”

Watch Jennifer play a round of country confessions, which includes her naming her go-to Karaoke song.