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Jennifer Nettles Hopes Son Magnus Gains Life Experience While on the Road With Her

Jennifer Nettles’ 4-year-old son, Magnus, may be getting a different upbringing than most of us who don’t have a famous singing mom, but the little guy is getting plenty of life experience traveling on the road with her as she tours the country in support of her 2016 album, Playing With Fire.

Magnus is getting to the age where he will start attending school on a full-time basis soon, but until then, Jennifer will keep her little buddy close by her side when out on the road, teaching valuable lessons in the ways of the world.

He will have definitely had practice and experience in transition, that is for sure,” said Jennifer, “in terms of just this lifestyle and how you know when you’re in one place, a different place every day you get a lot of opportunity to practice that. Adaptability. Here’s hoping that that will be a skill that he will garner from this life experience for sure.”

Jennifer wrapped up a busy 2016 with the release of her holiday album, To Celebrate Christmas, and will allow Magnus to adapt to many situations this year as he travels to tour dates with his mom, who will be out promoting her latest single, “Hey, Heartbreak.”

Check out Jennifer’s post on Instagram of her teaching little Magnus how to do a beat-box. The adorable little boy certainly takes after his mom.


Photo courtesy Jennifer Nettles Instagram