The Waffle House does more than make great food…

Photo Credit: Simon Daoudi

While they’re the best to get your hashbrowns prepared your favorite way (mine is scattered, smothered) and providing America with endless amounts of Waffles… The Waffle House also has it’s own Storm Center to determine when and if they need to close any of their restaurants in the path of a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Florence affecting the east coast this weekend. Even FEMA uses a ‘Waffle House Index’ to measure how bad the aftermath will be on wether or not the area Waffle House’s had to close or limit operations.

And it’s not that they’re die hards for staying open, they’re main goal is to remain open to provide food and resources to first responders during the storm. So basically, if the Waffle Houses around you are closed, you know it’s not good.

Just some ‘food for thought.’ (See what I did there.)

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