A Mini Hollywood in Texas? Mansfield is Building A 72-Acre Studio Development


Along a dry patch of empty land, Mansfield Mayor Michael Evans sees the potential for new growth.   

“We’re in the garden spot of Texas,” Evans said as he stood in the middle of 72 acres of undeveloped land along South 7th Street and Easy Drive.

That’s where the city will break ground on Mansfield Super Studios beginning 2023. 

The film studio development, which aims to attract streaming services, will be a mini Hollywood in Texas. 

“This is the place where dreamers come,” Evans said. “This is transforming this entire area. It’s movie magic, not only for Mansfield, but for the entire state of Texas.”  

The project, which has a starting cost of $70 million dollars, will have “clusters” with sound stages and mill spaces, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and retail space. 

“You see possibilities,” Evans said as he looked out at the open land.  

According to the city, the project is expected to create 2,000 jobs and reel in big business.  

Super Studios CEO Angel Gracia, a filmmaker who directed the film From Prada to Nada, is overseeing the studio development in Mansfield.  

“This is a filmmaker’s studio designed by filmmakers for filmmakers,” Gracia said.  

Gracia told WFAA he selected Mansfield as the place to build his film studios due to its easy access to the airport and proximity to both downtowns.  

“The studio welcomes everybody,” Gracia said. “Like that movie: it should be everything and everyone, because you have the possibility of creating anything from drama, cop shows, romantic comedies, award shows. “It’s just a breeding ground for creative possibilities.” 

The site will be capable of producing big-budget films and shows. 

Mansfield city leaders are optimistic about its potential after seeing the way film has taken off in nearby cities.  

In Fort Worth, the success of Taylor Sheridan’s hit shows, Yellowstone and 1883, has been a major boost for the local economy.  

According to the Fort Worth Film Commission, since 2015, the film industry has poured nearly $600 million dollars into Fort Worth’s economy.