Texas Opens First National Guard Troop Base in Eagle Pass

EAGLE PASS – (WBAP/KLIF) – Governor Greg Abbott is on hand for the opening of the new Texas National Guard base in Eagle Pass, a part of the state’s $11.5 billion border “Operation Lone Star” initiative.

On hand Friday to welcome the first 300 National Guard members, Abbott touted the expected monthly savings to the state of Texas in their lodging costs at $11.5 millon dollars a month, though the Governor declined to release the cost of building the complex.

Thousands of Texas National Guard members have been called to the Texas border with Mexico since the OLS intiative began in March of 2021. The Military Times and Texas Tribune found one in five troops reported problems with living in small trailers, problems with pay and shortages of critical equipment.

The Eagle Pass Border Coalition calls the “Operating Base Forward” facilities a waste of taxpayer money that could be used to invest in communities. It predicts soldier’s exposure to health risks with the new base placed near both a concrete and a sewage plant. The group advocates for investment into low income neighborhoods in the area that don’t have infrastructure such as running water.

Five additional portions of construction are planned in total, each one likely to take about 30 days before housing another 300 troops. The Texas National Guard base offers each solider a room in addition to a food hall and recreational facilities.

Forward Operating Base is located in the Texas border city of Eagle Pass, which became the center of a standoff between Texas and the White House with the deployment of razor wire on Rio Grande River banks, and over and underwater buoys in the river as a projected deterrent to migrants.

Operation Lone Star costs are estimated to be in the range of $11 billion.

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