Connected Pets with Connected K

When people ask me why animal adoption is so important to me, I tell them the story of Fred. It’s a very fitting name for a 90 pound chocolate lab isn’t it? When I adopted Fred, he was just under a year old. I had moved away from home and everything that I knew for the first time in my 25 years. I was desperately homesick & he was in need of a home. Every day since then he’s given me something to come home to. I would literally be lost without him. When I’m sad he knows it, when I’m not feeling well he knows it and when it’s time to go anywhere he jumps in the car and rides along with me. They say people crave companionship and that is exactly what adopting Fred provided for me. I am so excited to join forces with the Humane Society of Dallas County to help continue the important message of what adopting a pet into your life can provide for both you and the animal. If this will be your first adoption, congratulations and welcome to one of the best clubs of your life!