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When and where were you born?

A true lady never reveals her age, but I will tell you I was born in Houston, Texas in 1989!

What is your earliest music memory?

My mom and dad singing and dancing along to Rolling Stones in our living room. Pops always surrounded us with music – George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, BB King, Smokey Robinson… you name it, he played it. I come from a very diverse music background thanks to my dad, but country was always first. My father and all the men in our family before him have made custom Cowboy boots in Houston since 1901 so country is a giant piece of who I am. It runs in my veins.

Favorite Show Moment:

Anything that revisits the legacy of Terry Dorsey. I never got the chance to meet Terry before he passed away but I know how deep the legacy is that he has left here. Revisiting old bits and recordings of him allows me to be able to connect to someone who is treasured by so many people in DFW.

Do you have siblings?

I’m the baby of 6. I come from a big Italian and Cajun family, best of both worlds!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Joining the team here at KSCS is my most proud accomplishment to date.

Career Achievements:

2 Marconis with a previous station for Country Station of the Year followed Station of the Year, Media Alliance of Houston’s Rising Star Award 2014, National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year 2013-2014, Country Radio Seminar’s Rusty Walker Scholarship recipient 2014

Who is your biggest fan?

My mom

Whose biggest fan are you?

My brother’s…. awwww shucks, ain’t that just so sweet.