Chris Young Dallas Cowboys Post Game Show

Chris Young returns for the ‘Chris Young Dallas Cowboys Post Game Show’ at 8:50 am the day following the Dallas Cowboys games. 

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Divisional Playoff Round vs San Francisco – Chris reacts to the Cowboys 19 – 12 loss to the 49ers and the end of the team’s season. Listen to Chris’ take and how he felt it was interesting how the Cowboys didn’t get any credit for beating Tom Brady last week. He’s not worried about their kicker Brett Maher.  But he is worried because both RB Tony Pollard and TE Dalton Schultz are unrestricted free agents.  Listen to the full conversation in our podcast.

Week 17:  The Cowboys were blown out in Washington 26 – 6. Chris says it’s not what he wanted to see.  It was sloppy.  But he noted that there wasn’t much on the line with the Eagles locking up the division and the top spot in the NFC.  But that’s not how you want heading into the playoffs.  His theory was the team wasn’t motivated across the board.  They had a 12-win regular season and their playoff slot was pretty much locked-in.  He has high hopes the team will be amped up to face Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.  Michelle asked him about the stat that the Cowboys are 1-4 on the road playing on grass (which is what they’ll face in Tampa Bay) and he dismisses it as one of those random stats that doesn’t mean much of anything.  

As for the FBS college football national title game tonight, he says he’d love to see TCU pull off the upset.

Week 15: Chris Young keeps this overtime loss in perspective.  It was fluky but the Cowboys have to stop the turnovers.  This was not a good game for the team or Dak. You can’t play like that in the playoffs and expect to win.  Even his dog Porter chimes in and he is Not Happy!  This game was an outlier.  But he believes they can learn from this game.  And with the Washington loss, the Cowboys playoff spot is locked-in.  He doesn’t want to sit the starters.  Give them reps and stay in the same aggressive mentality.  It’ll be interesting to see how much of our playoff game plan will be shown facing the Eagles on Christmas Eve.  Then he talked about the World Cup final and said it was the most exciting World Cup game he’s ever seen. So check out the latest podcast with Chris Young.

Week 14: This week Chris is actually encouraged by the Cowboys win by rallying at the end of the game to beat the Texans.  He didn’t care that Houston had only 1 win and that it was a statistical trap game. He admits the Cowboys played sloppy football at times.  Find out why he put Michelle in ‘time-out’. Catch up now on our latest podcast with Chris Young.

Week 13: The Cowboys blowout the Colts in week 13. Chris Young gave us all the stats and talked about some new records the Boys made. He agrees with former Cowboys Head Coach Jimmy Johnson that the Cowboys probably won’t catch the Eagles in the NFC East but they’re realistically in the running for the Super Bowl. Catch up on his take on demand now.

Week 12 – A very thankful Chris Young joined the show for his weekly Cowboys postgame show, talking the Cowboys 28 – 20 Thanksgiving win over the Giants.

Chris is one “happy Cowboys fan.” The win is a big one for the NFC East race and stops a trend of losses on Thanksgiving day.  It was a gutsy performance in the second half.  Tight End Dalton Schultz emerged as a real factor.  And the Tight End’s TD Wack-a-Mole red kettle celebration was terrific.  To overcome two turnovers and their penalties is what you need to see from the Cowboys as they enter a 3-game stretch of very winnable upcoming games.  And don’t miss his reaction to the latest news about free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. 

Week 11: A very excited Chris Young joined the show for his weekly Cowboys postgame show diving into the Cowboys blowout 40 – 3 win over the Vikings.  He listed ALL the historic stats that came out of the game for the Cowboys.  After the Giants lost, where the Cowboys are in the NFC East race.  He weighed-in on our question of the day “Do you prefer a close win or a blowout victory?” And he even gives us his take on our latest Second Date Update!

Week 8: Chris Young got at attend his second consecutive game this season with a big win for the Boys over the Bears. He seems to be the lucky charm for the boys when he’s present at games. We talk about the win and what the Chris Young experience is like when he gets to attend games.  Listen to what you missed this morning on our Podcast page.

Week 7: Dak is back! After that thumb injury week one, Dak finally returned to lead the Boys on to another victory against the Detroit Lions. The first half didn’t look very promising for the Cowboys but they were able to get that W. Chris Young talked about how he attended the game and would he get the number 88 tattoo’d on his forehead like North Texas rapper, Post Malone has promised to do if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl? Listen to what Chris Young had to say to that.

Week 6: The Cowboys had their first loss with Cooper Rush at the helm when they took on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. Last night, Zeke ran for 81 yards and had the most rushing yard for any running back last night for that game.  Chris remains hopeful for Dak’s return when the boys take on the Lions next week. Listen to his whole take on the Cowboys in case you missed it. 

Week 5: The Boys are now 4-1 with Cooper Rush at the helm with a win over the defending Super Bowl Champs, the LA Rams. Again, the beaming star of the team is our amazing defense with Micah Parsons who crushed Matthew Stafford. Should Dak come back already? How does Chris Young feel about Dak returning soon?

Week 4: It’s another win for the boys. The Cowboys are fighting with 3 straight wins but there is talk about Dak stepping back in soon. Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle to gives us his take on the Cowboys and what to look forward to next week. Will Dak be returning soon?

Week 3: The boys were the bright star on our Monday with a win for Monday Night Football. What’s Chris Young’s take on it? We’re breaking down the game with him, listen in.

Week 2: Chris Young joined Hawkeye and Michelle after the Dallas Cowboys big win over the Cincinnati Bengals. After losing Dak Prescott to an injury in the last game, Cooper Rush stepped in and just like Chris Young had predicted the week before, he showed his knowledge of the Cowboys system and helped the team bring home the win. We also got to talk about his concert over the weekend at Cattle Baron’s Ball which benefits the American Cancer Society. Chris Young not only donated concert tickets to his next show but matched the donation.

Week 1: Chris Young joined Hawkeye & Michelle to discuss Week 1 of the NFL as the Dallas Cowboys welcomed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys had a disappointing start to the season with a loss to the Bucs and lost Dak to an injury for the new few weeks. Chris Young weighs in on the game and his thoughts about the Cowboys bringing in another QB while his friend Dak is out as he recovers. Listen to the conversation in our podcast.