Missed The Hawkeye in the Morning Show Today? Listen to What You Missed!

Friday morning the one and only, Keith Urban joined the Hawkeye in the Morning Show to talk about his upcoming concert at Dickies Arena on October 1st but also, Hawkeye put him on the spot when Tom our producer didn’t get his lessons that he had ordered from HSN when he bought the Keith Urban’s guitar package that included a DVD with lessons. Listen how that went down below.

Hawkeye & Michelle were invited to this weekend’s Cattle Baron’s Ball at Southfork Ranch so they were faced with the dilemma, what to wear? Listen to what Hawkeye will be wearing and why Michelle won’t be able to sit down.

You know Hawkeye has always been a prankster, but what happened when he tried to prank his co-workers around the office when it came to our annual flu shot clinic at the radio station.

Remember Will, the teen in Aledo who drew the great Dolly Parton on his senior parking lot space and someone vandalized that hard work? Well there is a great development on this and how you can help and have a piece of his art too. Buy It Here

Yes, Hawkeye played another prank this week and this time it was on our boss Mike. Our boss as you can imagine wasn’t thrilled when Hawkeye gave out his phone number on the radio. Listen to his reaction when he got your calls.

And like she does every Friday, Candy Havens our syndicated entertainment columnist joined us to fill us in on what to look for this weekend.