Parker McCollum’s Fiancée Is Not Impressed by the Song He Named After Her

When PARKER MCCOLLUM got engaged a couple of weeks ago, we all recognized his new fiancée’s name, Hallie Ray Light . . . because it’s also the title of a song he wrote about her.  It’s on his “Hollywood Gold” EP.

As you can imagine, Hallie loves the song.  Actually, don’t imagine that.  He told Taste of Country Nights that the first time he played it for her she TOLD him it was good, but he knew by the sound of her voice that she was NOT impressed.

She was just being honest.  And even though they disagree about that song, she often changes his mind about others.  Quote, “All the [songs] I’m like, ‘I’ll never release that,’ she’s like, ‘Why?  It’s so good.’  She’s pretty cool about that stuff.”

Here’s one more thing from the interview:  Parker got the chance to write songs with Miranda Lambert, and she reminded him of one of the biggest stars ever.

Quote, “I call her the Dolly Parton of my generation.  I think she’s a phenomenal talent.  And then getting to know her, she’s such a normal, regular person when you’re around her.  You’d never know she’s a superstar.”

(The BootCMT)