Garth Brooks Is Giving Upper Deck Fans Tickets to the Main Floor

GARTH BROOKS is throwing a bone to some of the fans who buy “upper deck” tickets to his concerts.  He’s going to pick out a select few . . . and give them floor seats to his soundcheck the NIGHT BEFORE the concert.

The plans are still being worked out, and it’s not clear how he’ll pull it off, seeing as the soundcheck is the day before.  But I’m pretty sure people will be able to shift things around on their calendar.

At this point, Garth is pretty sure he’ll do it in Kansas City and Nashville . . . and if that works out, then future cities too.

(He talked about it on an episode of Inside Studio G on Facebook.  Skip to 8:27.  If upper deck seats suddenly sound appealing, you can check Garth’s website for dates and details.)