The Relationship Report Card – Scoreboard

From time to time, Hawkeye and Katelyn give their spouses (Madelyn and Matthew respectively) and opportunity for equal time, and let them grade our hosts for their weekend behavior.

Results from previous weeks

March 30, 3030   Win for Hawkeye

Hawkeye A+     Katelyn A

March 23, 2020  Win for Hawkeye

Hawkeye A   Katelyn B

March 16, 2020  Tie

Hawkeye A   Katelyn A

March 9, 2020   Win for Hawkeye

Hawkeye B    Katelyn  C

March 2, 2020  Tie

Hawkeye A    Katelyn A

February 24, 2020  Win for Katelyn

Hawkeye A    Katelyn A+

Hawkeye got an A for dressing up as a Curious George character for his Granddaughter’s Birthday. But Katelyn gets an A+ for taking Matthew to see Alan Jackson.

February 17, 2020

Hawkeye B+

Hawkeye walked away with a B+ for taking his wife Madelyn to Ikea (but not finishing the project.  Katelyn was on vacation and did not receive a grade this week

February 10, 2020  Win for Hawkeye

Hawkeye A   Katelyn B

February 3, 2020  Win For Katelyn

Hawkeye A    Katelyn A+

January 20, 2020  Win for Hawkeye

Hawkeye A    Katelyn B+

January 13, 2020  Win for Katelyn

Hawkeye B+    Katelyn A-

January 6, 2020   Win For Katelyn

Hawkeye B    Katelyn  A

December 16, 2019  Win for Katelyn

Hawkeye   A     Katelyn  A+

December 9, 2019     TIE

Hawkeye  C     Katelyn  C

December 2, 2019      TIE

Hawkeye B+   Katelyn B+

November 18, 2019   Win for Katelyn

Hawkeye D –    Katelyn A

November 11, 2019   Tie

Hawkeye A      Katelyn A