10,000 for the Troops


We were hoping to collect 10,000 Cards for the Troops.  Our final total:

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support of  our soldiers, sailors and airmen!

Hawkeye and Katelyn



About Support Our Soldiers: Support Our Soldiers (SOS) is a community based, 501(c)(3) organization, that supports all branches of the military in any ways and they “care beyond the box”. SOS has direct contact with soldiers and units to be able to send care boxes custom made to fill each request. SOS adopts units/individuals who are considered “high risk” – they are either in isolated areas or do not have family back home sending support. SOS sends care boxes and cards for the duration of the deployment ensuring all soldiers receive mail during every mail call. Through regular communication with the adopted units/individuals, SOS develops a relationship and offers them a support system and an ear to listen to every need. SOS supports our military with more than just a cookie or pillow – by being there for them in the good and bad times . CLICK HERE to learn more about Support Our Soldiers and for more ways to support this cause.