Facebook Will Pay You To Track Your Phone Usage

You’re probably thinking Facebook already spies on you. Seriously, hasn’t it happened where you’re talking about something and then later that day you see an advertisement for that item?

Facebook Study is an app (on android for now) that will allow Facebook to track your usage and pay you for that data. The amount? That’s a good question. Evidently there are other apps like this but already pay a lot more for your data. Facebook Study will only be available in the US and India by invite. According to DigitalTrends.com, neither country is covered by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, a fairly strict privacy regulation.

Here is the official Facebook Blog post talking about this feature: Introducing Study from Facebook

The full details on the program here: Facebook.com/facebookstudy

Find more on the app here and how it all works: Facebook Study – Digital Trends and on Fox4News.com