The Important Bill ALL Texans Need To Get Behind – Texans For Breast Health

The past few months, I have been telling you about some new bills being introduced in Austin that are pretty light-hearted, like making the Breakfast Taco the official breakfast item in Texas. But there is one very important one we all need to get behind. One that would require insurance companies to cover 3D mammography. That’s HB 1036.

Yes, most of our insurance companies cover our annual mammogram. But you have options. If you’ve never hear of a 3D mammogram, this is the gold standard, with much more accurate results. I got to meet Connie Oliver at Solis Mammography who explained it best, 2D is like looking at all the pages of a book compressed — you can only see the front and back cover. 3D flips the book open and you’re allowed to look at the breast page-by-page, You’re looking at 60 different images of the breast tissue, in slices. And that way you can see much more what’s going on behind the tissue and the density of the breast. The increased accuracy of 3D reduces the number of call-backs by as much as 30%, sparing us the anxiety, inconvenience and expense of going back for further imaging.

You can find more on the bill below and help support it.


Getting your annual mammogram is the closest thing we have to a cure. My friends at offer this 3D screening and 2D as well. You can book your appointment online here, at and get that Peace of Mind.